Extra Perks of Pokemon GO

Pokémon Go is all the rage now. An augmented reality game that allows user to find Pokémon in reality . Pokémon Go is something new because it forces people to move around. In the game you search for Pokémon scattered around your locality or the whole earth . You capture them with poke-balls. Then train them for battles at the GYM. Sounds fun ! It is. Just Go at it.

The Problem for most of the people around is that , its not available for download yet. Its available for download only on several locations.

The Android Early Access

For the first time a major Game was launched on the same day but Because of the good natured Open aspect of android eco-system, It is available to be downloaded from all over the world . Beyond Google Play store , there are countless 3rd party app stores.

One such site is apkmirror.com, the Traffic to apkmirror.com absolutely exploded, increasing from just over 550,000 visits on July 5th to over 4.5 million visits on July 6th. These app stores are part of the reason why Pokémon Suffered from Server issues. The rollout in the US, was first meant to gauge the response in the us and to scale for global rollout. However the global roll out happened earlier

Download Pokémon GO : APKMIRROR

The question of Who benefitted from Pokémon Go : Nintendo

More to it

  1. The Advantage to Android The seemingly stubbornness of the apple app store have prompted many users to switch to their secondary android devices to play Pokémon . If the reports are to be believed , Pokémon overcame a similar game called Tinder , like Pokémon player go out in search of their partner for the night, while the objective is questionable , it is still wildly popular.

  2. The Advantage to Portable Power packs or power banks. Combine forces with a Power bank and you are ready to go for a long time. Make sure to return by the sun down. 20000 maH ones never looked so juicy.

  3. The Advantage to Carrier The Broadband Master Race was doomed when Pokémon GO came out. Portability outweighs Speed . and Boy Pokémon is Data Hungry. The demand for data on the Pokémon hunt is highly profitable for the Carriers who long ago did away with unlimited data.

  4. The Advantage to google Pokémon is secretly powered by Google Maps. Its not so secret because the developer behind Niantic labs , Who developed similar game Ingress, is also owned by google. Cool!

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