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When someone thinks of a password, it immediately gets into constraints of human limits. The limits of Memory, Complexity, Ease of Use and so on. The brain thinks of the password to be easy to remember, generic, related to something. You would want to remember the password when you need it. It is r...

Here are some tricks:

  1. Trial your sleep length . You may not need an alarm after all . You are a lucky one if you just wake up whenever you can by waking up naturally. However you may not know this and add a stressful alarm as a result.

  2. Virtual Alarm Clock . Use your internal body clo...

==Do Nothing!==

Really leave it alone.Let it handle things by itself. It will do it itself. You cannot be smarter than Android when it comes to android. Don't Micromanage stuffs.

  • Do not Use Smart Manager Features on your device
  • Do not Swipe away apps from recent screens except games.
  • Do n...