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Start a New Android Project

Use Android Studio New Project Dialog. Pick any Activity that you think will be useful . Blank , NavDrawer etc.

What are we going to do

We will be making a shopping app complete with Login , Checkouts , Products Display , so on. Let's see how far can we go here.


From the beginning of human era, all the decisions have been taken by humans. All the best people have led us to state of humanity,that is now.

Has the time come to handle this decision making role to someone else. Those being the our Bity Counter part, no not dogs,got that BIT-y Computers. A...

Today various Platforms like IOS,MacOs,Linux,Android etc exist as part of a Assault on Windows Dominance. Windows Applications that were successful , are now popular on other platforms, even the rare ones. Windows Users have the huge power to influence the software pop-culture of today.


Here are some tricks:

  1. Trial your sleep length . You may not need an alarm after all . You are a lucky one if you just wake up whenever you can by waking up naturally. However you may not know this and add a stressful alarm as a result.

  2. Virtual Alarm Clock . Use your internal body clock...

Each year something goes extinct. Creature that survived a million year, experienced so many changes for survival, evolved into what they were, got lost. No way to recover their features, their abilities are lost to the ground.

This is a big loss.

They also have a domino effect on environmen...