Keep Decision making to AI

From the beginning of human era, all the decisions have been taken by humans. All the best people have led us to state of humanity,that is now.

Has the time come to handle this decision making role to someone else. Those being the our Bity Counter part, no not dogs,got that BIT-y Computers. Advances in AI and the technology is promising this.

Brains Yum!

Highly complex human brain is more than capable than any AI system available. It can solve wide range of problems,analytical, logical and mathematical. Human brain hasn't been able to modeled yet.How it works has so far been defined highly specifically by psychology and neuroscience. A missing link is how the information is organised,processed and ignored. A Generalized model.

Why It's Time

With great power comes great responsibility. Humans take highly rational and responsible relations that impact the Environment and other humans. The ultimate goal should be to benefit of humans. But think carefully, most of the decisions that are made don't appear to be doing so. Because the world is not simple as it appears. With various forces at play, the easy decisions are shrouded with emotions,egos,greed . These word may look like from some Novel but I am sure these can be quantified on an Computational model.

these easy decisions are shrouded with emotions,egos,greed

AI AI aye!

AI has given us the power of God. It helps us create life (life has intelligence at its core) that took nature 4 billion years to perfect in a matter of few lines of code.The Intelligence is a Feedback and Learning Loop. AI encapsulates that perfectly and applies on tasks that are precise and simple . Now Computer are very good at precise and simple tasks and combine them together.

The solution is at hand . Set AI some rules and they will never break it. They will never be Biased like we humans are because they don't have anything to fear. No fear of survival or Greed of any kind (although they may crave more data).

They will excellently combine Tasks , Analyse results , Process and Output their decisons and analysis. Now as a custom a human will look over the AI , but ultimate goal is to have the AI control that process on itself.

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