Windows Softwares in Post Windows World are Still Stars

Today various Platforms like IOS,MacOs,Linux,Android etc exist as part of a Assault on Windows Dominance. Windows Applications that were successful , are now popular on other platforms, even the rare ones. Windows Users have the huge power to influence the software pop-culture of today.

Download Managers

FlashGET, Internet Download Manager IDM ? in Android/ Ios , Even if these are native features.

Audio Players

AIMp, VLC , Jet Audio, Media Monkey , Foo Bar Audio ,WinAmp,Itunes,

Video Players

VLC, MPC ,KM player,QuickTime players,Real Player

Abobe Photoshop

The De-facto Image Editing Software

Microsoft Office

The Mighty Office. Still commands authority even on the competing platforms.


Norton Antivirus , AVAST, Kaspersky AV

File Management and Compression

WinZip, WinRAR,7-Zip

Image Viewers

Irfan View , Picasa ,MS Paint

Text Editors



Adobe Acrobat , Corel Draw , Adobe Reader


Outlook Express , Thunderbird


Chrome , Firefox, Opera

System Maintenance

CCleaner , TuneUp Utilities, Daemon Tools


Skype , Yahoo Messenger ,Team Viewer

Now most of these Softwares may or may not have been Ported to Ios or Android but Users will still search for them . One thing is clear however , is that the success rate of these software if very high. It must be the goodwill and emotional attachment that they carry.Do You have something to add to? Write on the comments.

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