Code ++ Ideas

Start a New Android Project

Use Android Studio New Project Dialog. Pick any Activity that you think will be useful . Blank , NavDrawer etc.

What are we going to do

We will be making a shopping app complete with Login , Checkouts , Products Display , so on. Let's see how far can we go here.


==Do Nothing!==

Really leave it alone.Let it handle things by itself. It will do it itself. You cannot be smarter than Android when it comes to android. Don't Micromanage stuffs.

  • Do not Use Smart Manager Features on your device
  • Do not Swipe away apps from recent screens except games.
  • Do n...

Pokémon Go is all the rage now. An augmented reality game that allows user to find Pokémon in reality . Pokémon Go is something new because it forces people to move around. In the game you search for Pokémon scattered around your locality or the whole earth . You capture them with poke-balls. Then t...