Do you sleep over your alarms?

Here are some tricks:

  1. Trial your sleep length . You may not need an alarm after all . You are a lucky one if you just wake up whenever you can by waking up naturally. However you may not know this and add a stressful alarm as a result.

  2. Virtual Alarm Clock . Use your internal body clock . This requires some practice but you will get to it naturally. Try timing events and Match it with your watch/clock. You are better at this, just not when you are loaded with booze.

  3. Program yourself to react to an alarm tone. Listen to the tone before going to sleep. That way you set an Internal Polling mechanism that scans for the call.

  4. Never set your favorite song as an alarm. You listen to your favorite song everyday , so it may happen that your brain may want to relax over it. Set the song that you can't stand .Another inverse reason , You may not want the song to trigger an alert whenever that song plays on the radio. Its same as how apple default ringtone triggers an urgency to check for a Phantom Phone call.

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