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Each year something goes extinct. Creature that survived a million year, experienced so many changes for survival, evolved into what they were, got lost. No way to recover their features, their abilities are lost to the ground.

This is a big loss.

They also have a domino effect on environmen...

==Do Nothing!==

Really leave it alone.Let it handle things by itself. It will do it itself. You cannot be smarter than Android when it comes to android. Don't Micromanage stuffs.

  • Do not Use Smart Manager Features on your device
  • Do not Swipe away apps from recent screens except games.
  • Do n...

Pokémon Go is all the rage now. An augmented reality game that allows user to find Pokémon in reality . Pokémon Go is something new because it forces people to move around. In the game you search for Pokémon scattered around your locality or the whole earth . You capture them with poke-balls. Then t...

You Grow Up but that's all the topic that are discussed elsewhere . here is however:

Everything you do , that you have been doing since you were a kid , has not changed . Your Behavior is same , Even the consequences are same .

Just we don't realize that things have been happening exactly the s...

Tesla Electric Vehicle Tesla Model S claimed its first victim, ironically a Tesla diehard fan.On may 7 2016, the Tesla he was driving on Autopilot,ended up under the trailer crossing the road perpendicular to Tesla.

What Happened

What went wrong with the auto pilot. Tesla puts the blame partiall...

Traversing the Himalayan Mountains . The Epic journey and beauty of Nepal is highlighted on the video by Mavik. Ready to plan for the next Mountain bike journey across Himalaya. Its something you will never get a chance.